Who or what is missing their arms? [working title]


June 14, 2012

A series of green arms have been installed along Van Der Pekstraat to mark out new shops and businesses in the neighbourhood. But who (or what) is now missing their arms and how did he/she/it lose them?

Susanne Kudielka and Kaspar Wimberley will be investigating this situation. For more information about Susanne and Kasper click here and for their portfolio click here.



Work in Progress…

The arm project:


We have been walking up and down Van Der Pekstraat asking the shops and businesses that don’t have a ‘green arm’ if they would like one. Those that want an arm get one. Their own arm.






The bag project:





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  1. florence says:

    We walked on the street and enjoyed the signs. They look like sign language alphabet. Are we right to think that or was it only an impression?
    Thank you

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