Susana Chiocca


July 26, 2012

Susanna Chiocca is a Portuguese artist that lives and works in Porto. She received her Master’s degree from the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Porto in 1999. At this moment she works on her Ph.D. in the field of performance, related with music. Chiocca organised several exhibitions and events, such as the programating of the artspace a Sala, dedicated to performance between 2006-2010. She has participated in several exhibitions, events and workshops. Her artistic investigation leads to a derivation in several fields, depending on each work, such as drawing, installation, video, sound, photography, performance…Since 2005 Chiocca has been developing work around text and word in collective and individual projects such as the newest one BITCHO. She tries to imprint and relate the different happenings/works, being strongly influenced by the moment. Since 1997 she works with concepts and sub-concepts such as connection/bridge/otherness/impression, work that assimilates from the other and gives back to them.

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