Sara Saco


October 29, 2009

Sara De Sousa Correia is a portuguese communication designer and researcher focused on social and ecological communitary crossed interactions and experiential art. She’s a human ecology activist, and a slow kitchen-blender, that has arrived at the KijkRuimte on the 4th October 2009.

“My work is a continuously rhyzomatic research process, blending social and permaculture design systems with experiential art and ethnography. Digital based media as documentary and experimental film are part of her working process, as well as writing, drawing or communitary cooking.

She wants self-organized urban kitchen gardening spreading through every city corner, while practises become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives.”

For the time I lived and worked at the Kijkruimte I developed 2 projects, both were site specific experiential researches, and both searched for possible conection between art spaces as the kijkruimte itself and the gentrification process currently going on at Amsterdam noord.

One of these projects was invisible and introspective: YHere, while the other was visibly self advertised and extrovert: Open Cut. Both were research processes about the same issue, though taking different forms and having opposed communication strategies.

Open Cut had an open process to all of the community around amsterdam noord, and took form as a free hair-dressing saloon at the Kijkruimte. The purpose was to engage with the local community, inquiry about was this gentrification ongoing process all about, as well as to reflect on social art processes, and to try to give new tools for the kijkruimte project to grow in that neighboorhood questioning itself (with the help of this experience with the neighbours). Meanwhile, i would give a free haircut service to the community and see how far would peoples trust by trusting me their hairstyle (i would tell them i had no professional hairdressing skills). You can read more about the Open Cut project here

YHere was basically the first thing i started to do when i arrived at the kijkruimte. It began to be a square sheet of paper (1.5×1.5m) that I placed on the floor at the main room. It represented my own process diary during that time in Amsterdam. I would never say much about that square sheet of paper lying on the floor to the visitors. Apparently it was just there, almost forgotten. Every week i would add a layer to it and i would write a little text as in a diary of impressions. The first layers where phamplets of housing corporations advertising in the neighboord, then art & arquitecture books on urbanization, gentrification, social art and subvertinsing, then a cat came in…, and then i took form as a drawing that became more dense as time went by untill the last day of my experience at the kijkruimte. In that day i placed it covering the whole window area and then.. it was gone again. More about YHere… here













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  1. beni says:

    I was thinking about your project and I really think, you should cut the hair yourself. Probably only then you will have this strange connection of not knowing somebody, touching and cutting his hair and being able to talk about all kind of shit, without face to face contact, which makes one feel comfortable and keen to tell…

    • Sara Saco says:

      Hi beni!
      well, i did became the hairdresser and its been a wonderful full experience. We had the opening/ending night, as the last Open cut session and all went really well :)
      I'll post some more info about the project here, so then you can see how it went.

  2. Cristina R says:

    Hello Sara, nice to listen/read to your impressions is AmDam. Id love to know how was/is going the cutting-hair project! Im an artist too, and often do cut the hair of friends! Which yes, are very important moments to have intimate moments of exchange. Ive been recentrly in this city to take part on an exhibition at Mediamatic. You can see some of what is happening in this wordpress:
    Abraços, Cristina (

    • Sara Saco says:

      Olá Cristina,
      we just had the last Open Cut session at the Kijkruimte, as the final performance of my internship at the Kijkruimte. It went really well, and i will now post some documentation on how it go in here as well as on my page (
      It was a good experience, and now i'm even more sure of how well haircutting works as an exchange platform to get to know the neighbours and share ideas and experiences.
      Loved your work ;)

    • Geraldine says:

      Always a good job right here. Keep roillng on through.

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