Portrait of a wet country


February 21, 2010


Portrait of a wet country.

This project has as starting point my personal fascination for the country where I’m living for almost three years, The Netherlands. In my opinion, this is a unique place, for several reasons, geographical, political, sociological, historically… which I find the ideal material to develop a portrait. A portrait in my opinion should be a profound artistic way of looking and representing realities.

The strategy I’m following is working in series (1) presenting different proposals under the same motto, which compilation will conform a project-portrait in a wider perspective. The first part of the project, ‘Portrait of a wet country I’ will be shown at the Kunstvlaai. The second part of the project (POAWC II) will be shown at the KijkRuimte.

The basic idea is to invite a ‘group of persons’ to celebrate a ‘birthday party’, every day a new one, on the flooded floor surface. The way that the performance installation will be shown, is through the continuously opening and closing of a motorised ‘lamellen-curtains’ system, hiding and showing what is happening inside. It will be build up in different sessions, and the meetings will have the format of ‘overleg’ within the structure of a round table, where discussions and debates will take place around ‘Dutch’ subjects. The starting point for the subjects will be a conceptual map, named ‘Fluid mind map’, that is a visual-theoretical exercise of the entire project. In this, all the words, ideas and concepts are connected in a net system (2)

The project is in a process state. There are important performative decisions to take. The dramaturgic elements, the rhythm, the costume, etc, are issues that still to be worked on. As far as the project is now, I’ve created an open structure to be enriched by performative actions happening there.

1 Till now, three parts of the project will be developed during the coming months. After the presentation on Kuntsvlaai, and KijkRuimte in Amsterdam Noord, next step will be in Amstelpark to develop a sitespecific performative-installation (POAWC III) into ‘Het Glazen Huis’.
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