Out of the Blue visit KijkRuimte


August 8, 2009

Participants of the Blue House Symposium, Out Of The Blue http://www.blauwehuis.org/ visited the KijkRuimte today. The Blue House is affiliated with the KijkRuimte through its founder and founder Daniela Paes Leao, who is a member of the House and who also made part of the Symposium, giving a talk on her work and showing her film ‘Freedom to question’.


The Symposium workshop given by The Blue House on ‘Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History’ took place in IJburg on an empty housing block construction site. This was converted by members of The Blue House into a meeting hall with a podium for speakers and performers resembling a minimal church set in an underground bomb shelter and a windowless ‘hotel’ for guests and participants to stay at.  Visitors to the Symposium could definitely feel the themes of deconstructed urban culture displayed around them as they listened to guest speakers and met like minded artists from across the globe on the small, Amsterdam suburb, artificially constructed island of IJburg.

These same international artists and curators (Ivana Baco – gallery Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia; Anton Lederer & Margarethe Makovec – <Rotor> association for contemporary art, Graz, Austria; Yane Calovski, Press to Exit, Skopje, Macedonia; Ria Hartley; Yolanda Riquelme; Angelika Maierhofer; and Neda Firfova) got to see another part of Amsterdam when they visited the KijkRuimte in Amsterdam North. In many ways a new chapter in the evolution of The Blue House, started by Jeanne Van Heeswijk who has called the KijkRuimte a ‘Migratory Blue Point’ as it stems from the same socially engaged artistic practice of making art and social research that is community focused and work-in-progress, rather than production oriented.

Many of the artists involved with The Blue House are eager to follow the progress of The KijkRuimte and the developing community where it is based, Amsterdam North and are discussing the potential for future collaborations.



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