Open Cut


November 11, 2009

Open Cut is a research art project about participative socially engaged art & gentrification processes in noord amsterdam.

The research will be taken through a free hairdresser saloon at the KijkRuimte. All neighbours are invited to come in and have their hair cutted off for free, during several sessions at the KijkRuimte. These sessions have a site-specific performative approach.  This set takes the form of a hairdressing saloon.

Hair cutting is just a performative set. But free haircutting is a social service to the local community. And the whole set becomes itself a platform for research, as well as for discussion and reflection on socially engaged art, and its practises with this local community.

Whatever happens, or, whatever discussion topics rise up, these will be the essence and content of the research itself. The subject and object of the research are strictly bounded and not meant to be appart. The essence of the research process is the action performed with the people.

* This is my current ongoing research project at the KijkRuimte platform in Amsterdam noord. Dates and scheduled specifications of near future sessions and performances will be posted here… soon :-)

I’ve been working since October at the KijkRuimte on the Van der Pekstraat in Amsterdam North. Open Cut is a research project about how art projects such as the KijkRuimte can develop a relationship with their surroundings. I believe that in socially engaged art practises this should happen when there is a visible exchange with the neighbourhood. And that’s why I’m opening a temporary, free hair salon for Amsterdam North at the KijkRuimte. This performative research takes the form of a hairsaloon because it’s naturally the place to chat, gossip and exchange thoughts with each other.

Because from futility or vanity, around stylling topics, to expressing your real thoughts, fears, desires or ideals goes a very tiny tongue step… or cut!

Sara invites everyone, from 30th November until 10th December, to come over to her hairsalon for a free haircut and friendly conversation over life in the North. Share your experiences of the neighbourhood, whether you have lived here for years or just arrived, and your thoughts on this kind of art project. With and without appointment!

For more information come by the KijkRuimte, 15 Van der Pekstraat, Amsterdam North or mail us at Opening times are Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm. It is also possible to make an appointment.

Open Cut Project
from sa ra on Vimeo.

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