Patter Typography


February 6, 2011



The research ‘Patter Typography: Exploration into New Grid Systems’ will reflect itself into designs of new grid systems that offer interesting possibilities in usage and application.

By definition, a ‘pattern’, from the French patron, means reoccurring events or objects, sometimes referred to as ‘elements of a set’. These elements repeat in a predictable manner. A pattern can also be a template or model, which can be used to generate (parts of) things, especially if the things that are created have enough in common for the underlying pattern to be inferred (in which case they are said to exhibit the pattern).

Using the logic of construction of the Chinese characters (Kanji), I will design a ‘containing’ shape for all letters to fit in. My project also aims to create modular font systems, where all the letters are designed in accordance with this ‘containing’ shape. In contrast, the thinking is such that repetition of text can be treated as a pattern of its own, and perhaps emerge as a ‘meaningful’ pattern. With these ideas in mind, I am developing grid designs by repeating the ‘containing’ shapes over and over again until they become patterns, allowing and guiding the user to fill it in with text.

I can envision the project developing into a platform for connecting different writing systems and alphabets of various origins and character, since that is an issue I find socially provoking at the moment and compatible with the work itself. Apart from the possibility of the systems’ connecting tool application and its general experimental value, it also has the potential of becoming a learning tool for children.

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