Het Groene Monster


February 21, 2010

Het Groene Monster is een doorlopend project van Marta Pisco over een groen monster dat door de straten van verschillende steden wandelt.
Het project gaat over hoe een maatschappij, buurt of gemeenschap, in dit geval Amsterdam Noord, reageert op ‘de ander’, dat wat als anders dan normaal wordt ervaren. Het Groene Monster wil een beeld van een gemeenschap formuleren op basis van de reacties van diezelfde gemeenschap op de ‘indringer’. De ‘indringer’ is in dit geval zacht, niet agressief, maar toch heel provocatief…

The Green Monster in Beirut – installation (10th/12th March) + screening and debate (12th March) at the KijkRuimte


The Green Monster walked the streets of Beirut. He was just sightseeing, oblivious. He crossed the city’s invisible borders and entered new territories. The signs were there, but being a foreigner, the Monster didn’t notice them. In a place deeply divided by history and religion, who better accepted a Monster, a total stranger?



A Green Monster walked the streets of different areas in Beirut: West, East, North and South – Christian, Muslim, poor, rich… I was curious about which group would receive an alien the best. This way I hoped to understand the real divides between Lebanese people.
My collaborators Susanna Brenner (D) and Rima Kaddissi (LB) filmed and edited this walk. After four days of filming and editing, rough cut was showed it at Zico’s House in an installation.

My experience with the Green Monster is that he stirs the social tissue where he walks in. He is peaceful and a bit slow, harmless, still he shows very well how people react to the “other”, the “alien” in their midst.
My main focus on this project is underlining that what we people (and monsters!) have in common is far more and far more important than what divides us. Still my intention is not to play a cultural anthropologist (also don’t have the knowledge to do so). I want to make a piece of art that addresses hard issues with humor. And through laugh and self-mockery, make people talk about them.


I will be recreating the Beirut’s installation at the Kijkruimte from the 10th to the 12th March.
On the 12th March (20h00) a first draft of the Beirut’s footage will be screened and a debate will follow. Lebanese food will be served.

In April 2010 I will develop The Green Monster in Amsterdam Noord, at an Artist Residency at the Kijkruimte.

For images of The Green Monster in Aleppo (the Green Monster’s first adventures):


The Green Monster in Aleppo

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