April 5, 2011

At KijkRuimte we often receive requests from artists and people from the Blue House who belong to our friendship network, to stay in our tiny guest room upstairs for a couple of days. We decided that this room can be available for both professional and personal reasons alike. As a Migratory Blue Point Project, KijkRuimte incorporates the concept of hospitality, as developed by the Blue House. What does it mean to host a guest in a local area? Can the (uninvited) guest make a contribution? How can a project and place like KijkRuimte host alternative social thinking?

GAST≠VRIJ was originally a contribution by Jeanne van Heeswijk (the founder of the Blue House) and Dennis Kaspori for the Dutch quarterly magazine OPEN. This editorial intervention served as the point of departure for the two-year project ‘Hospitality for what is to come’ which Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori developed in association with ALMOSTREAL and the Blue House. To further research and develop these concepts of hospitality, we started the project GAST≠VRIJ #02 [GUEST ≠ WELCOME #02].

This is how it works:

We gave these cards first to our Migratory Blue Point network, with a request to distribute them amongst their personal network of socially engaged art practitioners.

This favour is a small and personal first impression of the neighbourhood, in relation to their experiences with projects such as KijkRuimte. This can be captured in a text, a photo, a video… Anything. These favours will be published on our website as a reflection on what it means to be a guest and the responsibilities that come with it. Every guest that we host will also receive some cards to hand out, so the guest-network keeps growing.

With GAST≠VRIJ #02 [GUEST ≠ WELCOME #02] KijkRuimte aims to distribute and further develop the knowledge and experience gathered during the four years of the Blue House project.

Guest # 01

Guest # 02

Guest # 03

Guest # 04

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  1. Shan says:

    I am a writer and playwrite looking for a place to stay once a month when I come to your town to pick up donated breastmilk for my toddler. I am willing to do almost anything (!) and wonder of this project is still running? Cheers, comrade Shan

    • Merel says:

      Hi Shan,

      Thanks for your message. The project is still running, but this is not how the project works. People come to us through an international network of socially engaged artists. These artists reflect on the gentrification process while they are staying with us.

      If you are looking for a nice and affordable place to stay in Amsterdam, we can recommend this:

      Good luck!

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