August 10, 2010


a performance installation in Amsterdam – Noord


The proposed performance installation BUS BODY forms part of my work in progress “Sensor Suit / Speaker Suit”. In this artistic research project, interactions between the visceral body and technological prostheses are explored with a PVC suit equipped with biometric sensors and a loudspeaker. Biometric data originating from interactions between the suit and the body are used to generate sound, which is emitted by the loudspeaker. Following Gregory Bateson’s approach to a part of the human body as “that which is part of a single information flow and feedback structure”, the produced sound, which can be perceived and influenced by the performer, can be regarded as prosthetic in a posthuman sense.
“Sensor Suit / Speaker Suit” connects to posthumanist notions of the posthuman as suggested by cultural theorists such as Catherine Hayles; rather than presenting the developed prosthetic performance environment as part of a utopian future, the project aims to investigate possible instances of the posthuman condition in everyday life in the present by juxtaposing performances with the suit with documentation of activities involving technology and the body in the everyday life of people in my surroundings. Thus, the developed performance installations also thematize the place of artistic activity and the artist body in context of the every day life of people in the (geographical and emotional) surroundings of the artist and facilitate an exploration of possible dialogues between the artistic community and an audience not normally engaging with artistic activity. The project consists of an on-going series of performance installations.

Tuesday September 22nd

I made a number of video stills selected from the failed shots taken for the video of my installation ‘PENDENT’. The material shows preparations and interruptions of the filmed performance with the sensor suit. The 12 stills were printed at the HEMA at Buikslotermeerplein. Photoservice is fast. Fast. The stills are in the Kijkruimte now. Some on the floor, some on the walls.

suit_still_kijkruimte_8 suit_still_kijkruimte_9 suit_still_kijkruimte_5 suit_still_kijkruimte_4




Also visited my uncle. Marcel. He lives close to the Purmerplein. We went for a ride with the car. I selected stills from the video footage. Will make prints on Thursday.

marcel_13 marcel_1 marcel_11 marcel_8




Wednesday the 23rd



Writing on an essay on posthuman performance practice and sonic prosthetics. Found an interesting article.

“Whereas the age-old philosophical idea that species are natural kinds, with essential, universal traits has generally lost currency in scientific understandings of human and nonhuman animals, considerable evidence attests to the perseverance of essentialist thinking in folk psychology.” (Samuel Wilson and Nick Haslam, “Is the Future more or less Human? Differing Views of Humanness in the Posthumanism Debate”, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 39:2 (2009), p. 257

I didn’t ask my uncle about his views on the nature of humanness.














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