Shop for Utopian Clothing


March 9, 2010


Shop for Utopian Clothing

This shop was created in order to remind people (be they men, women, girls or boys) that they are free, that there is true love on earth, and that they are not obligated to follow what others say, neither their parents nor the boss at work, but rather, they can find ways to solve all problems, ways to exist in this world. Their internal world (including all weaknesses, fears, and illusions) is a treasure, despite the brutal reality of everyday life which often argues against this tenderness.

The Shop for Utopian Clothing can bravely be called a project, because it also functions as a teaching program, a cognate-analog to the European “workshop,” including in its practice art therapies that the creators of the shop developed over the course of many years.  In connection with this program, the store does not have ordinary salespeople; rather, there are young women who participate in the project themselves and try to help you in choosing precisely Your clothing.

In the store, there are very dear things (this means that are hard to part with), and likewise, there are very cheap things.  This is in accordance with a desire to make the store truly democratic.  Because a dear thing can be given to any person as a reward for what he achieved, or plans to achieve, in life.

The things in the store try to converse with the observer about his or her desires, longings, unquenchable hopes and dreams.  These things differ from ordinary objects in that they have already conversed with people (other people wore them, and the artist pondered over them.)  They are wiser than ordinary things and, it follows, much closer to the human heart.  It could be said, that the Shop for Utopian Clothing sells things “inside out,” because unlike ordinary clothing that hides the sensitivities of its wearer as an apparatus of the collective mindset, this clothing actually reveals it.  By showing a glimpse of the wearer’s soul, it manifests a relationship to the world as to an ideal lover who understands and accepts you as you are, or even as more than you are.


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