November 10, 2012

by Klasien van de Zandschulp & James Bryan Graves, in collaboration with KijkRuimte

HearUsHere is an audio tour through the Van der Pekbuurt with stories by artists and neighbors from the KijkRuimte archives. The stories are about how a social housing district needs to make way for renewal and about the impact of the restructuring process on daily life in the neighborhood.

The creators of this tour want you to experience the Van der Pekbuurt in an augmented way. The tour gets entangled with physical reality as you hear the people you see while walking around, and you see the changes of the neighborhood around you. When you walk towards a specific sound, the volume will increase as you get closer. By walking towards and away from the sounds you are composing a unique audio tour and constructing your own perception of the neighborhood in transition.

Download the app in the AppStore to start the tour. After you launch the app you can put your phone back in your pocket, and as you walk the neighborhood you will hear stories that fit your location.

More info on www.hearushere.nl

The making of

Kijkruimte asked me (Klasien) to create an audio project of the audio Kijkruimte produced in her projects. This is a project of Klasien van de Zandschulp and James Bryan Graves. Meet us!

The audio tour idea is created at  Audio Hackday in Berlin, I worked with Chris Waring on a concept for an audio tour using SoundCloud‘s API. We used location based audio. During the hackday we created the idea of using volume as a tool to find tracks around you. As closer you get to a track, the louder the track is played on your headphones.

When I started working on this concept at Kijkruimte, I came to the idea to create an app without an interface. You just need a start button, to start the app, then put the phone in your pocket and start walking. By listening to the sounds, you will know where to go and find your way through the ‘audio maze’. The fact that december 8th is usually a cold day in the Netherlands, a day to wear gloves, motivated my thoughts here :)

We wanted to create a web app, an app all smart phone users can use without downloading a specific app. Unfortunately we discovered the browers on iPhone and Android phones block the ability to change sounds and play more than one track at the same time. That’s why we decided to create an iPhone app, to be able to stick to the main idea of the audio tour.

While James is doing some awesome work in developing this app, I’m meanwhile busy collecting sounds, editing sounds and recording sounds








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  1. Katusha says:

    Hello, good idea seems like a nice tour! I’d like to walk the tour with some of my students. How long does it take?

    • Klasien says:

      Hi Katusha,

      The tour takes as long as you want it to take. You just start walking a direction and create your own tour.


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